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Undercounter Tanks
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Features Include: Acid resistant One piece polyethylene construction Impact resistant Customized inlets and outlets
Undercounter Tanks When space is a premium and your local codes require acid neutralization, Scientific Plastics’ undercounter tanks are a great solution.  Or, if you are a science teacher, a recovery pot will save you time retrieving lost stir sticks that go down the drain.  These tanks are designed to install easily under the sink, and in most cases, eliminate the need for a standard trap. 
1.5 Gal Tank - W32501-150 Blue
Recovery Pot and Square Tanks Dilution or Sediment Tank Bookshelf-Boiler Recovery Tank Milk Jug Tank
All tanks can be specified for your new or existing plumbing.  For recurring maintenance, Scientific also supplies limestone media certified as having a calcium carbonate content in excess of 90%.  This high purity is essential to the successful neutralization of the acidic waste and to minimize the sludge build up in the tank.  For customers that are ordering neutralization tanks for the first time, please download Scientifics’ “Neutralization & Dilution 101” for a primer on acid neutralization!
1.5 Gal Tank SPECIFICATIONS Closed Top Tank With Clean Out