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Large Neutralization Tanks
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Features Include: Acid resistant One piece polyethylene construction Impact resistant Customized inlets and outlets
Large Neutralization Tanks Scientific Plastics manufacturers a full line of acid neutralization tanks up to 360 gallons which can be customized to meet your new or existing plumbing.   When ordering a tank please use one of our submittal forms below and specify the locations of your inlet, outlet, and vent. 
Neutralization Tank
Tank Options Tank Options Submittal Form Standard Tank Submittal Form Standard Tank Standard Large Tank Dimensions Standard Large Tank Dimensions Submittal Form Tank with Extension Submittal Form Tank with Extension
For recurring maintenance, Scientific also supplies limestone media certified as having a calcium carbonate content in excess of 90%.  This high purity is essential to the successful neutralization of the acidic waste and to minimize the sludge build up in the tank.  For customers that are ordering neutralization tanks for the first time, please download Scientifics’ “Neutralization & Dilution 101” for a primer on acid neutralization!